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TED-Ed Club

In Ted-Ed Clubs, students work together to discus and celebrate creative ideas.

Identify Your Passion

"What makes your heart beat faster?" The first part of the Club's curriculum has members explore the ideas they're passionate about. By diving into activities that expand curiosity, club members will identify and discuss what matters most to them. 

Choose Your Idea

"What is your big idea?" As members journey through the Club's curriculum, they'll be challenged to identify and shape the story only they can tell. Through guided brainstorms and active peer feedback exercises, members will craft their very own TED-style talk. 

Start Talking

"How can your idea change the world?" By the end of their club cycle, members will have recorded their very own talk and uploaded it to our TED-Ed Clubs YouTube channel, which can then be shared with their families, friends, communities, and the world. 



TEDx 2019


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TEDx 2018 


On April 25th 1000 students from the Durham Catholic District School board are going to come together in Oshawa Ontario to be a part of our 6th TEDx event. The theme for this year's event is Flashpoint. A Flashpoint is a point at which someone or something bursts suddenly into action or being and, with the help of our speakers and their ideas, this event will be the flashpoint for our students prompting them to go out and change their world.

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TEDx 2017


Equilibrium is a state of rest or balance due to the equal action of opposing forces. At our 2017 event the ideas of our wonderful speakers' big ideas are going to create an equilibrium of mind, body and spirit for our audience. Our 5th TEDx event will see over 1100 students from the Durham Catholic District School Board, from grades 7-12, and numerous guests come together to see that all it takes to ignite the world is a spark.

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TEDx 2016

TEDx Poster 2016

At the Durham Catholic District School Board's 4th Annual TEDx event we are going to go to a whole new level and help students to see that in education and learning they can grow as people and learn more about themselves. The more they learn, the more they will change and find success as human beings.

For more information, contact Mr. C. Zimmer, Mrs. A. Zimmer, Mr. J. Pisani, Ms. V. Riva, Mrs. C. McDavid, or Mr. J. Stanesic

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TEDx 2015

TEDx Poster 2015

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TEDx 2014

TEDx Poster 2014

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