Learning Commons

Welcome to the St. Mary CSS Learning Commons!

"A Learning Commons is a vibrant, whole-school approach, presenting exciting opportunities for collaboration among teachers, teacher-librarians and students. Within a Learning Commons, new relationships are formed between learners, new technologies are realized and utilized, and both students and educators prepare for the future as they learn new ways to learn."
-Together for Learning, School Libraries and the Emergence of the Learning Commons

Meet the Team

  • Ms. M. Frysztacki
  • Mrs. S. Priestman (Parent Volunteer)


  • Monday - Thursday 8:45 - 4:00
  • Friday 8:45 - 3:00

Programs & Services

And much, much more!


  • Anime Club 
  • White Pine Club 

Loan period and renewals

Books can be borrowed for two weeks, but may be renewed an unlimited number of times unless another student has a hold on a particular book. Once books are charged as overdue, fines per book will be applied per school day. There is no charge for weekends.

Lost and damaged books

Lost, vandalized and accidentally damaged books must be paid for or replaced. Students who lose, vandalize or damage library books are responsible for their replacement. Any outstanding debts to the library must be paid in full before the student will be permitted to purchase a prom ticket.

Accelerated Reader Program

Accelerated Reader is a sustained silent reading program that allows students to select reading material based on their preferences and monitors student progress towards a reading goal. The purpose of the program is to give students an opportunity to practice skills learned in class, to prepare 9s and 10s for the literacy test and to foster habits which promote lifelong reading.  

The program is administered through the Learning Commons. An orientation session is provided to Grade 9 students, outlining how the Accelerated Reader program works and offering strategies for making wise book choices. A STAR reading assessment is also completed by students in order to determine their reading level which is used as a guide for book selection.  

For a list of available novels and their quizzes, please go online to www.arbookfind.com 

In order to earn the full 5% allotted to AR, students must pass a minimum of three (3) quizzes based on books they have read. In addition, students must accumulate a minimum number of points as outlined below: 

Grade LevelCourse LevelPoints

Grade 9 and 10


25 points

Grade 9 and 10


10 points

 If students do not accumulate the minimum number of points outlined above they will receive a portion of the 5% based on the number of books read and points accumulated.  

All quizzes are completed in the Learning Commons and signed by the Teacher-Librarian (or designate). Taking quizzes is an individual activity, not for pairs or groups. 

All protocols for computer use in the library must be followed: 

  • Students must sign up for a computer at the circulation desk in the Learning Commons and present identification prior to taking a quiz 
  • Students may only take quizzes with the teacher-librarian’s knowledge and permission.
  • Students may not have books, pens, pencils, paper, cell phones, etc. at the computers during an AR quiz.
  • Students may not take an AR quiz until the STAR reading assessment has been completed. 

English Teachers will keep signed Accelerated Reader protocol on file and a new one will be signed at the beginning of every semester in which the student takes English. 

Please note that students will receive an alternative AR assignment in the 2020-2021 quadmestered school year.

White Pine Forest of Reading Book Club

Students are invited to join our St. Mary White Pine Book Club! Read a great selection of books by Canadian authors, join in lively book chats, attend a Battle of the Books competition, and have fun at our final school board White Pine Celebration. All are welcome! Visit the Library Learning Commons for more information.

Opportunities to volunteer

Students wishing to fulfill their community service hours are welcome to volunteer in the school's Learning Commons/Library.