Program Support

Our Board embraces a philosophy of inclusion. Our Catholic schools are committed to the education of the whole person, since in Christ all human values find their fulfillment and unity. Students with special education needs are supported within Catholic school communities by a team who collaborate and maintain continuous communication to ensure that the student's diversified needs are met in an inclusive environment.

St. Mary Catholic Secondary School welcomes all students into integrated classes. The multi-disciplinary Student Services Support Staff work in partnership with Program Support Services to support Subject Teachers and the School Based Support Team Meeting recommendations.

Students with Individual Education Plans may access Program Support in a variety of ways to assist with specific learning needs. This service is also available to any student who is experiencing difficulty and who is referred by the subject teacher. Students seeking help can access Program Support (Room 130). 

Our team

Our school's program support staff are here to help students achieve success. Our team includes:

Teacher Title Extension
Ms. J. Hooftman Curriculum Chair and PST for students E - L with IEPs 56012
Ms. M. Allore PST for students M - P with IEPs 40448
Ms. L. Sprung PST for students A - D with IEPs 41087 
Ms. C. Tiano PST for students Q - Z with IEPs 40393
Ms. D. Rose English as a Second Language (ESL) & English Language Learners (ELL) Teacher 42250
Mr. S. MacDonald Student Success Teacher 56036

For more information, speak to Ms. Julie Hooftman, Curriculum Chair of Program Support, ESL, and Library, at 905-420-7166 (ext. 56012).



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