The official dress code of St. Mary Catholic Secondary School is a result of discussion with faculty, students, parent council and administration. Our school uniform is compulsory. All students are to wear the uniform during the school day. The school colours are navy blue, white and grey. All Dress Code infractions will be addressed with discretion and respect.

Students can purchase their uniform at McCarthy School Uniforms or at our annual used school uniform sales.

Students are required to wear the uniform properly. The uniform will be kept clean and in good repair and worn neatly. Uniform clothing needs to be sized appropriately: neither too large nor immodestly tight.

Lower Body

 Permitted uniform Items

Items of the uniformRequirements

Dress Pants

Only McCarthy's grey pants may be worn. Pants must be worn around the waist and done up.


Only McCarthy's navy shorts may be worn. Shorts must be worn around the waist and done up.


Only McCarthy's grey/navy/red plaid kilt must be worn. Kilt must be properly hemmed and cannot be worn more than 10 cm from the middle of the kneecap.

Upper Body

Permitted uniform Items

Items of the uniformRequirements

First Layer Shirt

Only McCarthy's white or navy long or short-sleeved golf shirt with the St. Mary Catholic Secondary School embroidered logo may be worn.

Second Layer Sweater

Only McCarthy's navy 1/4 zip or full-zip sweater, all embroidered with the St. Mary Catholic Secondary School logo may be worn as a second layer. A uniform first layer shirt must be always be worn with a second layer sweater. 


Permitted uniform items

Items of the uniformRequirements

 Foot wear

Only fully black, flat, closed toed shoes cut below the ankle with a closed toe are permitted. Laces must be completely black.

Boots, sandals, flip-flops, crocs and other styles of slip on shoes are not acceptable. Please inquire, with the administration, if there is any question about the appropriateness of footwear PRIOR to making a purchase.

Permitted uniform items
Items of the uniformRequirements


Solid black, navy or white socks, or solid black or navy tights, are to be worn with pants/short/kilt.

Items that can be worn with the uniform 

The following items may be worn with a student's uniform:

  • Belts: Must be plain and black. No distracting or offensive buckles are
        permitted. No other makeshift belts are permitted (shoe laces etc).
  • Jewellery: Must be neat, respectable and inoffensive. No spiked or studded bracelets, necklaces and earrings are permitted.
  • Undershirts: Only plain white, navy or black shirts are permitted under the school shirt. Plain means "without any decoration or text." The length of the sleeve of the undershirt must not exceed the length of the sleeve of uniform shirt.
Items that cannot be worn with the uniform 
  • Headwear: Only religious head-wear is permitted to be worn in the building.
  • Hooded Sweaters: No athletic hoodies or club hoodies are to be worn unless permission has been given (e.g., Monarch Days). Hoods are not allowed to be worn on the head in the school at any time.
  • Spirit Wear: Only the McCarthy issued clothing listed above is permitted on a Uniform day. Other Monarch Spirit Wear is permitted on non-uniform days.
  • Outer Clothing: Students must remove outer clothing as soon as possible after arrival to school, and put outer clothing on as late as possible when about to depart from school. Outer clothing must be stored in the locker, not taken to classrooms.

Administration reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of all non-school uniform items.

Monarch Spirit Days 
Throughout the school year, students will be allowed to share their school spirit by wearing a St. Mary Catholic Secondary School sweater, jersey, hoodie or group/club item as their upper body item. Uniform bottoms must still be worn. Only St. Mary Catholic Secondary School items will be allowed on these Monarch spirit wear days. 
Non-Uniform Days 

On non-uniform days students must be dressed in clothing appropriate for school. Only religious headwear will be permitted.

There will be a cost associated with participating in a non-uniform day with proceeds going to charity.

Administration reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of all non-uniform items.