Student Success

The goal of the Student Success program is to engage students who may be at risk of not graduating. Our Student Success teachers offer students a variety of programs and initiatives that help them reach their potential and succeed in their chosen pathway after high school.

Our team connects students to school and community resources and develop a personalized action plan in collaboration with the student, parents and teachers. All students are encouraged to proactively take ownership of their education and success.


Academic Supports

Please see the Extra- and Co-Curricular Activities page for Academic Support such as Science Clinic and S3: Students Striving for Success program. 

Preparing for Exams

Alternative Education

Alternative Education provides students who require an alternate setting, program and teaching strategies opportunities to:

  • prepare for transitions to and from secondary and post-secondary educational sites; and
  • create a sense of community, belonging, and "reconnecting" through a faith-based Catholic Restorative Practice model.

DCDSB Alternative Education Programs include:

  • Catholic Return Ticket
  • Re-engagement
  • Reconnect - Learning to 18
  • Centre for Success

For more information, please visit DCDSB: Alternative Education


Educational Resources

The Ministry of Education website lists a variety of Secondary Education resources, such as Curriculum documents and Special Education programs and services. 

Since September 2010, assessment, evaluation, and reporting for students in Grades 1 to 12 in Ontario schools have been based on the policies and practices described in "Growing Success: Assessment, Evaluation, and Reporting in Ontario Schools - First Edition, Covering Grades 1 to 12". Growing Success aims to maintain high standards, improve student learning, and benefit students, parents, and teachers in elementary and secondary schools across the province. This document is available as a PDF.

"Creating Pathways to Success: An Education and Career/Life Planning Program for Ontario Schools, Policy and Program Requirements, Kindergarten to Grade 12, 2013" describes a comprehensive education and career/life planning program for Kindergarten to Grade 12 designed to help students achieve their personal goals and become competent, successful, and contributing members of society. This document is available as a PDF. The Education and Career/Life Planning Program Fact Sheet is also a quick summary of Creating Pathways to Success.

The new policy's goals are to:

  • ensure that students develop the knowledge and skills they need to make informed education and career/life choices through the effective application of a four-step inquiry process;
  • provide opportunities for this learning both in and outside the classroom; and
  • engage parents and the broader community in the development, implementation, and evaluation of the program, to support students in their learning.


Contact us

If you have any questions or concerns about your child's progress, call your child's Vice-Principal, Guidance CounsellorProgram Support Teacher (students with IEPs), or Mrs. Lauren Sprung, Student Success Teacher at 905-420-7166 (ext. 56036).