Chaplaincy is an integral part our Catholic school community. It is a service which provides both spiritual and pastoral care for students and staff.

Our chaplaincy team is led by a full time chaplain, Mr. Tomy Valookaran. The role of the chaplaincy team leader includes:

  • organizing and facilitating grade level retreats;
  • planning and organizing liturgical services and reflections;
  • providing faith formation;
  • spiritual and pastoral support;
  • guidance for students and staff; and
  • promotion of inclusivity and social justice throughout the school community.

 Mr. Valookaran

A Message from Our Chaplain

In the Gospel according to Luke, Jesus began his public life by reading a passage from prophet Isaiah that introduced his ministry and mission, and from then on the ministry and mission of every Christian and every Christian community. In that passage, Jesus proclaims, "I have come:

  • "To bring good news to the poor", in a world where so many lack the basic necessities of life 
  • "To bring liberty to the captives" where so many are enslaved by addictions, loneliness, poverty and violence
  • "To bring new sight to the blind "in a world where consumerism, globalization, secularism and other ideologies have blinded so many of us from God's truth of unconditional love and compassion for all 
  • "To set the downtrodden free" in a world where so many forces opposed to love, compassion and loving-kindness have literally imprisoned millions of us.

Our school community is measured by how we serve the "least of these" in our local and global family - the hungry, the homeless, the sick, those in prison, the stranger, the isolated and the forgotten (Mt.25:31). 

Our vision of a Catholic school community is firmly rooted in this vision of Jesus. We try our best to pass it on to all those who enter this community. Our retreat programs, outreach programs, community service programs, prayer life, Eucharistic celebrations, the special speakers and assemblies we have, our religious education program, in fact anything we do at our school is inspired by this vision of looking at the Whole earth as our home and looking at everyone as our brothers and sisters. It is only by promoting and encouraging everyone to have a solid relationship to God through Jesus can we sustain the above vision constantly. Please visit the Blessed retreat leader webpage for further information on the particulars for the above programs.

As parents when you choose this school, you are not only choosing an education for your children but also the special worldview we promote. This worldview has its foundation the vision of Jesus. This worldview is often opposed to the worldview promoted by the society at large and the media in particular. We need plenty of support and reinforcement from home. We know from the history of the church of two thousand years that our vision of the world as taught by Jesus is transformative and eternal. This will bring lasting happiness for, our children, the Whole world and us. As you send your children to our school you are also choosing to support us in that mission.

We also have a beautiful and prayerful Chapel on the second floor. It is always open to students and staff. We have a Mass every Wednesday. The sacrament of reconciliation is available throughout the year after or before our masses. One can also make an appointment any time for it too. Every Month we bring the whole school together for Eucharistic celebration. My office is directly across from the chapel and my doors are always open for your kids to chat if they need some extra encouragement and affirmation.

I am also available for parents for crisis intervention and support. I have been at this ministry for many years and I have a good grasp of the support systems available in our community. So do not hesitate to contact us when you or your children need some extra help. After all we are one family brought together by the divine with a command to look after each other. May God bless you and your loved ones.

Mr. Tomy Valookaran B.Com, S.T.B., M.Div


Chaplaincy Activities


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To learn more about our chaplaincy team, contact our Chaplain Mr. Tomy Valookaran (ext. 56028). We welcome your talents and support.

Mr. Valookaran

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