St. Mary Fine Arts Award Winners (2019-2020)

Posted on Wednesday June 17, 2020
Congratulations to this year's Arts Award Nominees and Recipients!
The Arts Teachers extend their heart-felt thanks to the students whose commitment, talent and passion for their art made the St. Mary Arts community vibrant and creative! We certainly wish we could have celebrated with our annual Arts Festival, but we hope you know your outstanding talent is recognized and appreciated. We thank you, commend you and feel blessed to have witnessed the passion for the arts you shared with us here at St. Mary over these past  years.
To my fellow Arts teachers, thank you for your specialty skills and your kind hearts, and the time you have committed to your Art students. 
Please view the Arts teacher video and the list of recognitions posted here!
God Bless, Ms. McDavid and the Arts Department

Arts Student of the Year 

  • Danielle Villacorta - winner
  • Joseph Gagliardi
  • Barbara Pagliuso

Heart of the Arts Community

  • Megan Zambri - winner
  • Dru-Ann Brammer
  • Jaidyn Carpenter
  • Jack Miranda

Arts Rookie of the Year

  • Nicholas Kastanis - winner
  • Frizelle Andal
  • Olivia Cara
  • Rosetta De Filippis
  • Alexander Imai
  • Jade Mendes
  • Ashton Raghunandan
  • Megan Satumba
  • Lauren Smillie  
  • Angelina Tomovski
  • Dana Velasco
  • Akshaya Velmurugan
  • Olivia White 

Triple Discipline Award

  • Barbara Pagliuso - winner
  • Denise Cabanero
  • Joseph Gagliardi
  • Jasmine Genove
  • Jaelin Marano
  • Amanda McIntyre
  • Rebecca Novelero
  • Anthony Prasad 
  • Danielle Villacorta

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