"Select to Connect" Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays over all 3 lunches in Room 103

Posted on Saturday December 02, 2017
Select to Connect
Select to Connect

St. Mary Retreat Leaders invite you to "Select to Connect" this December!

Time: Period 3 (all 3 lunches)

Student Lounge: Mondays and Fridays
Organized by students, for students. A lounge created by students who need an area to hang out, communicate with friends, and participate in fun activities.
Location: Room 103

Self Care Life Hacks: Wednesday December 6*
Love yourself. Learn some healthy tips on how to improve your life in a positive and effective way.
Location: Chapel

Healthy Relationships Life Hacks: Wednesday December 13*
How to implement self-care and respect into your relationships. Learn the signs of healthy relationships. 
Location: Chapel

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Life Hacks: Wednesday December 22*
Get high on life, not drugs. Learn how to party hard but safely, and get educated on drug and alcohol usage. 
Location: Chapel

*Free pizza and drinks on Life Hack Wednesdays


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