A Message to Students & Parents from St. Mary Guidance

Posted On Wednesday August 30, 2023
Welcome to a New School Year! 
Guidance is currently working on making minor adjustments to student timetables. Students may be able to view their classes on Edsby very soon; however, they will receive an official student timetable on the first day of school in 1st period class/homeroom. Students on SPARE/STUDY are asked to go to the library for their timetable and other informational items. 
Everyone starts school on Tuesday, September 5th . Students should consider coming in a bit earlier than 9:30 am. They are instructed to find their name on a wall list (several will be posted around the school, with lots of staff supervision to help as well!). Beside your name you will see a room number. You are instructed to go directly to the room assigned. This is your first period class. ALL students, Gr 9-12 are instructed to go to their first period classroom on Day One. 
ONLY come to Guidance if you encounter the following:
1) a course on your timetable that you've already completed
2) a hole in your timetable that is NOT an official Spare or Elearning period
IF you would like to request a change you can do this in one of two ways:
1) Edsby message your counsellor with the request (include parent request)
2) Fill out a course request change form (pick up in Guidance)
ONLY the following changes will be allowed:
1) Gr 9-10 -level changes only
2) Gr 11-12 can make elective changes only for 5 days from the start of semester (must be a change directly required for a post-secondary admission, ie., pre-requisite)
3) Any change that is required due to a summer school result or that may affect diploma completion
NO changes for the following reasons:
1) Spares
2) Teachers
3) Lunches
Priority will be given to our Gr 12 students first, then we will work our way through all other requests as best we can. 
Our assignments are as follows for this year:
  • Ms. Melanie Cayford A-Gi
  • Ms. Laurie Foster-Leduc Gl-O
  • Mr. Jack Cecillon P-R (Sem One)
  • Ms. Melissa Wilson-Clark P-R (Sem Two)
  • Mrs. Diana Stanesic S-Z
  • Mr. Shayne MacDonald SST
Thank you for your cooperation. We wish you a wonderful start to 2023-2024.
Your Guidance Team