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FSF1D1: Grade 9 Core French (Academic)
FSF 1P1: Grade 9 Core French (Applied)
 Course Overview
 Important Dates

 See Launch Pad website for information: Parents you can set up "Notifications" ro recieve information about the course

DATES Below for JANUARY - have your child show you Launch Pad (www.dcdsb.ca-> use student login-> get more information that they have access to) 

TEST: 2 parts:

      Listening and Reading section-> Tuesday January 16th

         (Like the tracks we listen to in class, vocabulary images from Quizzes, reading section is about travel)

      Writing section-> Wednesday January 17th

          (Email OR a post card - like done in class AND make sentences from images given-tense of your choice!)

PORTFOLIO-> All items due along with Duolingo-> Wednesday January 17th

      All items to be submitted in the yellow folder on January 17th are posted below

SPEAKING EXAMS and REVIEW package (self directed review) [Exam format for speaking and written will be given in advance]

     Thursday January 18-23

EXAM DAY-> Friday January 26th 

     [submit Review Package]

     Ecoutes, Lecture, Ecrire [vocabulaire, tenses, Directions, Dialogues/Scenarios, Email, carte Postale, formulaire]


 Tests from Unit 1 and 2 have been marked and may require parent signature

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FSF3U1: Grade 11 Core French (University)
FSF4U1: Grade 12 Core French (University)
HRE1OF: Grade 9 Religious Education Extended French (Open)
HRE2OG: Grade 10 Religious Education Extended French (Open)

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