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Administrator Title Phone Extension
Mrs. S. Duane Principal 56000
Mr. D. Allen Vice-Principal (P - Z) 56007
Mr. M. O'Neill Vice-Principal (G - O) 56005
Ms. M. O'Reilly Vice-Principal (A - F) 56004
Name Title Phone Extension
Mr. T. Valookaran Chaplain 56028
Administrative Assistant Title Phone Extension
Ms. G. Sicchia Senior Administrative Assistant 56000
Ms. J. Griffiths
Senior Administrative Assistant, Guidance 56020
Ms. L. Jeronimo
Junior Administrative Assistant 56001
Ms. K. Mazzotta Senior Administrative Assistant, Attendance 56003
Ms. G. Symington
Senior Administrative Assistant, Financial 56002
Teacher Department/Subject Phone Extension
Ms. P. Allan Science 40360
Ms. M. Allore Program Support (A-E) 40448
Mr. E. Antonucci Physical Education/Geography 40362

Ms. T. Bankley



Ms. N. Barabas Math 40392
Mr. J. Barron Canadian & World Studies/Math 40383
Ms. K. Blades Arts 40371
Ms. E. Breaugh Physical Education/English 40367
Mr. M. Bulat Science/Art 41947
Ms. K. Burke Science/Credit Recovery 40398
Mr. I. Campbell English 40454
Ms. J. Carnovale English/Religion 40431
Ms. M. Cayford Guidance (A - E) 56021
Mr. J. Cecillon Guidance (F - K) 56024
Mr. H. Chadee English 40409
Ms. M. Chang Math (Curriculum Chair) 40373
Ms. L. Clarridge Arts 41984
Ms. C. Clayton Math 40376
Ms. M. Cote Canadian & World Studies/Careers 40411
Ms. M. Coutu Arts/English 40412
Ms. M. De Lauretis Program Support (L-R) 56018
Mr. S. Di Fonzo Construction Tech/Careers 42264
Mr. M. Dion Religion/Credit Recovery 40380
Mr. P. Ellsworth Canadian & World Studies/English 40394
Ms. K. Feraday Science 40429
Ms. L. Foster-Leduc Guidance (L - R) 56026
Ms. M. Frysztacki Library 56014
Ms. N. Gallagher Science/Program Support/Work Experience Co-op 56040
Mr. E. Gangl Transportation Technology 40458
Ms. J. Giglio Science 40421
Ms. J. Hooftman Program Support (Curriculum Chair, S-Z) 56012
Ms. C. Hudson Religion/Canadian & World Studies 40389

Ms. L. Hulaj-Campbell



Mrs. B. Hunter Cooperative Education/Work Experience 56032
Ms. S. Hyland Religion/Social Science 41949
Mr. R. Ing Program Support (F-K) 40430
Mr. G. Joaquin Physical Education/Canadian & World Studies 40391
Mr. T. Klemensowicz Physical Education/Canadian & World Studies 40395
Ms. D. Ladrillo Math/Religion 40457
Mr. S. MacDonald Science 56029
Mr. C. MacIsaac Math 40401
Ms. E. Mallen Arts/French 40455
Ms. K. McAdam Science 40379
Ms. M. Marchioni English/Social Science 40424

Mr. M. McCann

Physical Education 40456
Ms. C. McDavid Arts (Curriculum Chair) 56016
Mr. S. McDavid Physical Education/Science 40406
Mr. A. McLaughlin English 40408
Mr. M. Milan Math 40366
Ms. C. Minardi Religion (Curriculum Chair) 40460
Mr. P. Montgomery Business 40388
Mr. A. Morra Religion/Library 40438
Ms. K. Morrison Business 40428
Ms. B. Murphy Science 40410
Mlle. D. Navarro Core French 41966
Mr. J. Neundorf English 41952
Mr. B. O'Connor Computer Technology 40439
Ms. N. Oosterholt Religion/Arts 41953
Mlle. N. Oster Extended French (Interim Curriculum Chair) 40433
Mr. M. Petryshyn Math 40425
Mr. J. Pisani Communications Technology/Arts (Business & Technology Curriculum Chair) 56030
Ms. M. Poon Math 40369
Ms. L. Puccia Arts 40397
Mr. G. Quigley Science 40442
Ms. B. Reeves Canadian & World Studies 41955
Ms. D. Reynolds-McMullen Math 40417
Ms. V. Riva Social Studies 40418
Ms. D. Rose English/ESL


Ms. S. Shea-Osborn Math 40361
Mr. T. Small Arts 40426
Ms. G. Smith Science/Physical Education 40427
Mr. V. Sorbilli Transportation Technology 40423

Ms. L. Sprung

English (Curriculum Chair)


Mrs. D. Stanesic Guidance (S - Z) & Cooperative Education (Curriculum Chair) 56023
Mr. J. Stanesic Canadian & World Studies and Social Sciences (Curriculum Chair) 56031
Ms. S. Teasdale Health & Physical Education (Curriculum Chair) 56017
Ms. C. Tiano Social Sciences/Program Support 40393
Ms. B. Tyler Science (Curriculum Chair) 56039
Ms. S. VanRhee Social Sciences 40375
Ms. T. Veloso Religion/Social Sciences/Canadian & World Studies 40461
Ms. S. Walton English 41956
Ms. M. Wilson-Clark Cooperative Education 56033
Mrs. J. Yukich Arts 40432
Mme. M. Zeenaeme French/Extended French 40381
Mrs. A. Zimmer Arts/Canadian & World Studies 40462
Mr. C. Zimmer Canadian & World Studies 40434



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