Absent Student Reporting

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Good attendance patterns are an important factor in a student's overall success at school. 


DCDSB uses SafeArrival as our student absence reporting system. SafeArrival allow parents/guardians to report their child's absence quickly and conveniently several ways:

  1. Parents can log into a website: dcdsb.schoolconnects.com to access a Safe Arrival Parent Portal where an account can be set up to report absences. 
  2. Parents can call into an automated interactive telephone system via a toll free number: 1-844-288-7628 through which absences can be reported.
  3. Parents can download the SafeArrival app for iOS and Android smartphones. Search for the keyword "safearrival" in the Google Play store or the Apple App store. Use district code DCDSB (or you can search for Durham Catholic District School Board). Your username and password will be provided in the Parent Portal email so that you can authenticate your account.

All 3 methods will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Therefore future absences may be reported ahead of time, i.e.; Doctor's appointment.

In addition, SafeArrival has an automated notification system to contact parents who have not reported their child absent. The automated notification system will contact parents at multiple contact numbers until one of the designated contacts is reached. If our system is unable to reach a designated contact after 15 minutes, office staff will follow up. By reporting your child absent in advance using the SafeArrival toll free number or SafeArrival Parent Portal website, you will not receive a call.

View the SafeArrival Parent Portal Instructions booklet for more information.

For extended student absence (e.g. vacation, medical) of 5 consecutive days or longer, please complete "Request for Temporary Excusal of Attendance" form and submit to the Main Office. 


Did you know?

Key facts about school attendance:

  • If your child is 20 minutes late every day, he/she will have missed 12 days of instruction by the end of the school year.
  • If your child misses only two days of school per month, he/she will have missed one month worth of instruction by the end of the school year.
  • Students who are absent 15 days of school each year will have lost one year of instruction by the end of Grade 12.
  • Students who attend school regularly tend to be more engaged in their learning, feel more connected to the school and have better academic outcomes than students who miss a lot of school.

Families can support good attendance at school by:

  • setting a regular bedtime and morning routine;
  • getting clothes and backpacks ready the night before;
  • encouraging a positive attitude about school;
  • communicating regularly with your child's teacher;
  • talking with your child about his/her school day;
  • taking part in school events and activities to show your child that you value school and education;
  • planning vacations and appointments around the school schedule whenever possible; and
  • making sure your child goes to school, unless he/she is truly sick.


We can help

Let St. Mary Administration know right away if there is a problem or concern. There are many ways we can work together to get attendance back on track, or prevent an attendance problem from starting.


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